String Wound Filter Cartridge – Filtration Media for Reducing Contamination in Water

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String wound filter cartridge is the most commonly used filtration media for reducing contamination in water and other liquids.

Cellulose fibres for brine filtration applications include reverse osmosis and water softening prefiltration, boiler feed water for steam generation, cooling towers and heat exchangers, bottled water, edible oils, oil and gas production, process water for textiles, electroplating and anodizing solutions, as well as in the beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Standard filter cartridge is are made from 'roving' or 'friction spun' yarn and factors such as media migration and chemical leaching were amongst the major drawbacks to the cartridges effectiveness. With a new innovative development in the filter media for making string wound filter cartridge, problems such as media migration and chemical leaching have been eliminated.

Filter cartridge, made from cotton yarn media and a metal core.

Fibreglass filter cartridge offers the convenience of disposable, media with a high efficiency borosilicate micro fibreglass media construction. This versatile Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges offers a greater surface area and high system flow rate.

Cellulose fibres for automobile gaskets that operate under the most demanding conditions for original equipment manufacturers applications.

Manufacturers of cellulose fibres for automobile gasket manufacturers everything from high performance automotive gaskets for cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles, and other small engine applications to thermostat housing gaskets.

Cellulose fibres for brake liners are a combination of friction material. These friction materials usually contained about 30 – 40 % wt of organic components and were asbestos base. Sulphur purification, one of the important components of herbo-metallic drugs, needs to be purified before preparation of medicine.

Siddha, the most ancient traditional system of medicine provides valuable information of sulphur purification which has been scientifically validated.

Catalyst recovery systems in use in industry rely on an aqueous/organic mixture. The catalyst is dissolved in the aqueous phase and the reagents are in the organic phase.

The problem with this, though, is that because the catalyst and reagents only meet at the interface between the two, the reaction is slow.

Arbocel satiation is the most inert and highest swelling fibre concentrate on the market – due to this, the stretch receptors on the stomach are activated and Ceramic filter satiation is given. Arbocel dental hygiene fibre network stabilizes your formulation and is completely insoluble – this leads to a very smooth abrasive effect that is cleaning the teeth very gently.

Since the ban of asbestos based gasketing materials, there has been the introduction of many alternative grades “application specific”.

Unfortunately, gone are the days that one material (CAF) is suitable for most services. There are manufacturers who are confident that can offer you asbestos free gaskets as per customer's requirements.

Ceramic filter candles are designed for microbiological protection whilst Supersterasyl is a Sterasyl shell packed with selective activated carbon for chlorine, bad taste and odour, pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents reduction. Due to the carbon exhaustion change ceramic filter candles every six months.

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