Spain agrees preliminary deal to extend furlough scheme to September

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MADRID, May 26 (Reuters) – Spain’s government has reached a preliminary deal with unions and business associations to extend the ERTE furlough scheme until the end of September, the Labour Ministry said on Wednesday.

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United States nursing homes must develop and maintain an infection control program “designed to provide a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment and to help prevent the development and transmission of disease and infection.” This program is not optional.

It is mandatory under federa

s A lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Corporation and their subsidiary Holland America claims that the crew of the MS Zaandam failed to adequately screen onboarding passengers for the virus and “made no COVID-19 specific efforts to prevent or contain conta

What is key here is the specific language in your specific policy which defines covered perils. Many business owners are filing business interruption insurance claims because the pandemic shut their business down. Many of these owners are finding their claims denied by the insurance company.

Some of these claims are possibly being denied wrongly. Insurance companies will sometimes deny claims and base the denial on policy language which is unenforceable because it is too vague. A lawyer may be able to assist policy holders if they are covered under their p

BRASILIA, May 26 (Reuters) – Brazilian senators conducting a high-profile inquiry into President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday voted to recall the current and former health ministers for more testimony, as well as summon nine state governors for the first time.

“We have managed to reach a consensus to renew the ERTE scheme until September, striking a good balance between protections and incentives to reactivate workers,” Social Security Minister Jose Luis Escriva tweeted.

In addition, nine state governors are due to explain irregularities in COVID-19 spending in their states. Wilson Witzel, the former governor of Rio de Janeiro, was impeached in April over alleged graft in the purchase of medical supplies and services to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Adolescents will be selected every week on Wednesdays through July 7 to win one of 10 full four-year scholarships to any State University of New York (SUNY) or City University of New York (CUNY) school for a total of 50.

. “An individual with prior coronary artery route disease is bound to encounter cardiovascular difficulties since they, as of now, have compromised bloodstream to their heart and decreased blood vessel

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Current Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga and his predecessor, Eduardo Pazuello, an active-duty army general, will both be called to testify again in front of the Senate panel.

Former presidential adviser Arthur Weintraub and businessman Carlos Wizard Martins, who was briefly attached to the Health Ministry, will also be called.

A San Diego nursing home has been accused of negligence in responding to the pandemic. There are claims the nursing home failed to isolate a patient from “infected residents and/or staff,” was understaffed and that the nursing home failed to provide adequate personal protective equipment, test staff and residents, limit visits, adequately train staff regarding pandemic precautions and warn residents and their families about the

Companies must give their workers a safe place to work by law. The ongoing pandemic adds new elements to the safe workplace. Employers may be liable for damages if they fail to make sure that social distancing is properly executed in the workplace, or if they fail to give adequate personal protective equipment to their wo

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The companies are accused of failing to adequately test or screen passengers and failing to adequately clean or sanitize their ships. The complaint accuses Princess of failing to inform passengers that passengers on a ship’s previous voyage had tested positive for the virus until the cruise had already

. A former Dallas County jail employee said that he was fired because he reported concerns about working with an infected colleague to a Department of Corrections hotline.

Civil rights groups claim the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia is failing to protect people in an Atlanta jail from the pandemic. A lawsuit has been filed regarding the COVID-19 conditions inside the federal prison in Sheridon, O

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